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Rotating Objects in 3D



I've been struggling with Vectorworks 3D rotate for a long time, mainly when having two rotate non-cube objects along multiple axis. Here's how I'm doing it. There's gotta be a better way. 


I have this multiple extrude object, essentially a rectangular pyramid:



From the side it looks like this:



From the top:



If I want to rotate in 3D in ONE direction it's easy. Say I need to tilt it down 45°


I go to the side view, here's what I do:






Here's how it looks from the top:



Now I need to rotate it 45° on the Z axis (panning it), great:



Now I want to fine tune that rotation. If it was still aligned like the first view, I would do this:



But now the side view looks like this:



I would think that solve here is to use the working plane somehow. I need to align my view to the side of the pyramid so I can rotate it along the Z axis. 


 So I've made the working plane the "bottom" of the pyramid and then extruded a line on the side of it:



Then I've made that extruded line the working plane:



Now I can fine tune the objects' 3D rotation on the Z axis. 


Is there a better way to do this?


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Only you would know this is a frostum ! 


If understanding properly:



Then group those bad boys. Using this method, it sometimes works. 


Right now in left iso, if I use the rotate tool, I get a rotation along this axis:



If I go to the side view, I can do it by the side, so now I have rotated it a long a few axis:



Cool. Now how do I tilt it down even more? This is the plane it's giving me:



I can use those 3D loci to create a temporary working plane and then use that for rotation. Ah right obvious! 


I've added a fourth 3D loci so I can use the working plane method for both panning and tilting:






After some more tinkering, technically, you don't even need 3D loci (though if you add shift your frostrum it might be useful). You can select the mid-points of each plane and the tip to select your working plane. Works like a charm. Can't believe it took me this long to figure this out... Not super intuitive! 


If only you could select a 3D anchor point for an object and control all of this stuff in the OIP 😞 like any other program 🤯




Or 3D handles:


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