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viewports of image worksheet not working on sheet layer



mac 11.6.1 , vectorworks 2022 sp1.1 


trying to make viewports of a window image worksheet onto a new sheet layer , but any time I duplicate the first viewport the crop down to another image, nothing will show.

If I right click the blank viewport and edit crop the image will show , just not on the sheet ! 


Screenshot 2021-11-09 at 17.43.33.png

Screenshot 2021-11-09 at 17.44.41.png

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I've been playing around with the file for a little bit and this definitely, definitely feels like a bug.  Worksheets seem to have a hard time consistently showing images in the cells at different zoom distances.  If I'm zoomed too far out,  the images disappear in both the viewports as well as a copy of the worksheet on the sheet layer.  I was curious if this was just a visual quirk and exported out a PDF when the images weren't visible on screen and the PDF came out with them properly rendered.


Picture Zoomed Out a Bit:


Picture Zoom In:



I did have to go in to the Viewport crop adjustment before the image would load the first time after opening your file and had to edit the crop of any viewport that was copied and pasted before the image would show up.  There is for sure something weird going on.  I would submit this as a formal bug.

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