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Font Problems!!!!!!!


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Using Vectorworks 11.0 on a G4 Mac running OS 10. We are using 2 fonts that are add ins to the system fonts on OS 10. When we are in Vectorworks and initiate a text edit or change text font it kicks out the right button mouse feature in the Architects workspace in that drawing. It is consistant with either changing or editing text. The only way to reset the right buttonmouse feature is to do a log in or restart. We have used these two fonts in Vector works 10 and haven't had this problem.

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if you bought these for OS 9 and copied them to OS 10, they won't work. You'll need to purchase the OS 10 compatible version of the fonts. MMX fonts are not fully compatible with OS 10.

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We just purchased another tekton font from Adobe today that is an open type font. I am finding that when i work in a drawing for a while and then go to put text in that is when it trips up the right mouse button. An then I have to log out and then in again to get it back. This is on Version 11 and a brnd new G4 machine. It is something with the text feature or it is our machine.

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This morning I erased the Vectorworks from my system and then reloaded it to see if this would have any effect on this disabling my right click button but it has not. even after reloading I still have the right mouse button disabled. This is very frustrating. It does not seem to be with the font selection either.

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