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Calculating roof load


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Hi folks,


I've got everything calculating comfortably for my rig from the motor hook down, for a rig that's hung directly from the beams in exhibition halls without any bridles.


Question is, it feels like I should be able to calculate the applied load of my rig onto the roof grid at each panel point, but I'm definitely missing one puzzle piece when it comes to laying out the beams and panel points for the venue roof.


Is there a tutorial I can read on this, or am I looking beyond the reach of Braceworks?



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The problem you have run into is that currently Spotlight and Braceworks will not calculate structural beams and the related panel/connection points between structural beams.
The Structural member tool from the rigging  tool set is primarily a design tool that was originally developed for the architectural side of Vectorworks and had the ability to connect with bridle added later.


However I am encountering more and more users here in Europe, that like yourself would like to be able do this. We are discussing this internally but I have no idea when or if it will progress onto the roadmap for development.


The only partial solution I can offer at the moment is to layout hanging points to represent the specific  panel points on the structural beams and then use the load overview dialogue form the braceworks menu to get an overview of how much total weight is in the roof or areas of the roof (you'll need to use layer and classing for this)


On the subject of tutorials have you looked at the Vectorworks University?

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I've been through VW University, and it's been very helpful, I was just hoping to be able to take it one step further.


Most venue engineers are fine with me just showing locations and weights for my proposed point loads, so this isn't a problem, but it would be great to see in future versions!



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