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floors showing in elevation


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I am looking for the best way to build the 3-D to save time in creating elevations. If I build as in life, floor/wall/floor, then the hidden line elev for instance, shows the floor lines. I would have to cover it all with one big polygon, i.e. siding, as in life.

I started building the floors inside the walls so that the walls actually sit on top of each other. Then there is only one line to erase or hatch over.This is counter-intuitive and makes the walls height in the program, taller than actual (by the floor depth). Should I stick to the above idea?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Easiest way is to use a "white line" (i.e. a line with a white pen) to block out the floor line below. You can use a dashed white line if you want a dashed floor line. If you are using VectorWorks 11, you can put your 'white-out lines' in the annotation part of the viewport.

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