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  1. Thanks for your quick reply. When I export it, there is text of all different sizes, some in groups, some in callouts, some with white backgrounds, some with no backgrounds, some loose. None of it shows up at all. When I reimport there is simply nothing there to select. Now I export to VW8, put it over on our old G3 and export from there, then transfer it back to the Server and new Macs to email out! The text comes in as Geneva, even though it was Helvetica originally.
  2. I have been exporting dwgs from VectorsWorks 8.5 with no problem. I am now on VW10 for Mac. I can export but when I open it up in AutoCad (and re-exporting to VW) all the text is missing! Is something set wrong? --Diana
  3. Measure with the dimension tool how far you want to move the door. Then back in the clunky/confusing position option, type + and the dim you came up with. (ie Position + 4")It calculates, works like the move tool but within the door attributes.
  4. Any tips on creating a perspective view that matches an existing photo? I know the Vis 4 has a feature whereby you chose points on the model and points on the photo.
  5. Thanks EJ, That is exactly what I want to do but I can't find where Vectorworks keeps its original photos that it's textures come from. I thought of exporting something I've made but I'm not sure how to scale it. I have many photos that I can use for textures, but many times I get lines from the repeating patterns as my photos are from life and not the same on both sides.--Diana
  6. Dan, I use the full Adobe Acrobat Pro 6.0 and have no problem. Once loaded, the pdf converter comes up as a printer choice in Vectorworks, so you just print to PDF. I use the default high quality setting, and "check don't send fonts". Then it asks about postscript vs. non. Use NON-postscript. Grayscale comes out as dots(half-tone. Line weights come out identical to printing directly form VW. I print out (in pieces) from the pdf for a check and we then take the pdf files to be plotted.
  7. Many times I like a texture like bricks for instance but need to change the color. The Image Shader will do a little but it is always darker, overlaid on the orginal photo. I would like to open the org photos in PHotoshop and change contrast, color etc. Is this possible?
  8. Sometimes I have a few versions of a document and want to combine parts of each into one doc. How can I import layers from other Vectorwork docs? (Not ACad) I know I could recreate the layers and paste the items separately but that seems like the long way around.
  9. This is a little late but regarding the model and heights... I set all the design layers at zero with room for their height. Then I actually place the walls and floors at their actual height in life, i.e. the first floor or whatever point I need at zero, the second floor is at 10 or 12', the third at 24' etc. The ground/basement/cellar is a negative number. This lets me work on a layer but using layer options I can see the other layers in gray or full color to check sections as I build. It also reminds me of how high things are getting. I have a handdrawn sketch posted to refer to. The only drawback I have found is that when you make perspective views you have to add the height of the story to the eye height, i.e. a view on the second floor might be1 6' looking at 16'
  10. Thanks, again Mike. You have answered a bunch of my questions. You are one helpful Australian :-)
  11. It looks like the WinDoor plug-in does this. It says: "Extensive control over internal and external trim." Sometines we use a thicker trim on the top than on the sidss. I am wondering if the plug-in does this. Also seems like the foreign versions have more features. Maybe they are more costly.
  12. There is currently no way to specify a mullion in a transom.
  13. We would sometimes like to specify different size trim for effect.
  14. I cannot figure out how to create a single larger panel over two smaller panels on a historic style door. The middle stiles vertical and horizontal also have to be the same width currently.
  15. The stairs seem to deal only with wood construction. Stringers are not right for metal stairs.
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