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Hang on Trevor - I may have a way:

If I understand your question, you are creating a viewport using an object as the boundary. All you need to do is make a copy of the object before creating the viewport. Use one of the objects for the creation and the other one will just sit there in your design layer. This may not be exactly what you want as you'll be able to see the object, but will not be able to edit the crop with it. Hope that helps...

Peter Cipes

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Peter's suggestion leaves an object where you may not want one.

Another suggestion is to place 2D or 3D loci in your drawing and make them a distinct color. When you create the viewport crop use the loci as the click points for the view.

Coloring the loci differently for each view of the same object keeps them distinct for each viewport record.

The advantage to this method is that the loci never show in a plot and are unobtrusive when working on the design layer. Yet you can always direct/focus your attention to where you defined the viewport view when you need to..

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