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Projecting Property Lines


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Can anyone tell me if there is a way to project property lines onto a 3d symbol generated by the 3d Model command. I can sort of do this with Layer Linking and selecting project 2d data. The only problem is the on a sloping site the 2d proerty lines project at Z=0.

Thanks for any help here.

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If you do a search for "SEND TO SURFACE" in VW's HELP, you will find the following text, which is actually accompanied by an illustration of a property line placed on the surface of a DTM.

From the Manual:

Sending Objects to the Model Surface

Product: Architect and Landmark

Once the finished site model is complete, objects, such as cars or other site fixtures may need to be placed on the surface of the model to prepare for the finished presentation. For this purpose, use the Send to Surface command.


This command is effective for 3D loci, 3D polygons, and symbols with a 3D component. If a 2D polyline or 2D polygon is selected, it will first be converted into its 3D equivalent before being sent to the surface.

To send an object to the surface:

1. Place the object on the ground plane or change to Top view. Move the object to the desired location on the site model.

2. Select AEC > Send to Surface.

The correct Z value is given to place the object on the surface of the site model.

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