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  1. My hope is that they get the attributes in the wall components to actually work correctly. Textures are the only form of fill for renderings that I have been able to get to render. The fill attribute does not work that I can see. Your suggestion for wainscoting is a good one though. The components also work well for base and wall rails - if only they would render properly. Len
  2. Lenb


    I'm having trouble using the Key Note feature. I have made a Keynote Legend on a "General" sheet and wish to use the callouts on various viewports of plans. When I go to insert a keynote I set the preferences indicating that it use the database legend from the general sheet, I click to insert and select the note I want from the list, update it and hit ok. The note appears as a new keynote number and at the bottom of the referenced legend(adding a redundant entry). What am I missing? I simply want to use the numbered keynotes referenced to a legend on a sheet in the drawing. I've searched here and looked through help which was of little help. LenB
  3. While the debate on this BB rages on, so does the rest of the real world. Flash is being abandoned swiftly (rightly so until/if Adobe ever gets around to releasing clean code) as battery life is one of the most important issues in the mobile space. Tablets *are* a new and important form of computing. A linked Tablet CADD App usable on-site if for nothing else to confirm missing dimensions, non-printed 3D views of intersections etc. would be most useful. Ask not the CADD technicians but the project managers. Autodesk gets this, NNA needs to. There was also a debate in the late 80's about whether dwg format would ever really amount to anything... L
  4. Mike, did you use the new slab tool in that example or was it a manual extrusion? Lenb
  5. I've played a bit with the wall tool and agree its a step in the right direction. I am curious and frustrated about a couple of things though. One is that I'm not able to set a fill colour for a component and have it render with the colour as it will if the attribute for the whole wall is set in the attribute palette. In plan it shows up but not in rendered 3D. Textures can be applied to the component and it renders fine but not fills. Simple fills do have a speed advantage over textures and many times in the early design stages are just as effective. The second is the interface choice to set the height of a component relative to the height of a wall rather then relative to the component's height AFF. For instance baseboards, wainscots, wall guards, bulkheads etc. in the real world are all set at a certain height from the floor. Whether a wall is 8 feet high or 10 feet high, flat or peaked, the baseboard or other similar component is at a standard height. VW11 requires each wall type with a different height to have a different offset for the same component. So yes the new walls can do these things but it seems somewhat tedious and limiting when working with different wall heights. Maybe its because of some complex programming issue, but it seems to me that it shouldn't be all that different for a component to have a bottom height and a top height regardless of the wall's overall height. Lenb
  6. FWIW I have found in 2009, 2010 and 2011 that if you enter a SLVP via crop tool that the flyover tool works to view in 3D - rendering as well. Doesn't work with the annotation tool though. I'm not sure if this is a feature or intended but it works for me. Not sure how it plays with 3D dimensions. Lenb
  7. Hi Pat, Actually strangely enough the WS that I'm having trouble with is native 2010 adapted from the default architect WS. Silly me I decided to adapt a 2010 WS to try to keep things clean etc. rather then bringing forward my old one. When I brought in the old 2009 WS all behaves well - it just cost me some time re-doing my re-do of some menus tools etc. Lenb
  8. Thanks for the reply. No they do nothing. The WS shows no shortcuts for them. They show up in the default Architect WS but I am unable to get them to save in my custom WS. I agree its very strange behavior. It was something in the saved WS as I gave up and copied an old 2009 WS where they showed up in and then made my adjustments again. Thanks for the reply anyway. Lenb
  9. You've got it right, cmdG and cmdU don't save to the workspace. The WS editor accepts them but when the WS is saved they do not register in the program. I've had them this way forever. Other customized setting work though. Lenb
  10. I've just read the Architosh interview/review and I'm wondering about a comment by Dr. Sarkar regarding DLSVP's "The section plane elements in a DLSVP are drawn as planar objects. That means objects on the working plane coincident with the section plane can be used for further modeling." Does this mean the section plane elements are live or only static elements that can be edited. I'm sure the live idea is pie in the sky but I'm curious nonetheless.
  11. I'm having some trouble with VW2010 workspaces. When I try to save G and U hotkeys for group and ungroup it does not register in the workspace. Any help would be appreciated. Lenb
  12. It would be very helpful if we had the ability to NOT display the centerline or path of a nurbs roadway in 3D. It really confuses presentation drawings.
  13. Lenb

    Nurbs Road

    Thanks Mike and Peter, not the info I was hoping for but at least it confirms my experience. I'll add something on it to the wish list.
  14. Lenb

    Nurbs Road

    Does anyone know if it is possible to not have the centerline or path of a nurbs roadway display?
  15. Has anyone else run into trouble with snow leopard, VW 2009 (after the SP) and the site model? VW locks up when I try to send to surface a Nurb roadway. The same function under Leopard used to work well.
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