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Text from imported dwg file not appearing in VW



Dwg files imported from AutoCad LT 2022 into VW 2019 lose all text.  I've tried 1) Use dwg file detected units 2) Change current VW doc units to match specified dwg file units; 3) (Advanced import options) setting model space to 1:200 (to match ACAD); 4) Also setting "This Scale) to 1:200.  It imports graphics at scale and otherwise fine, but no text appears.


Using "Custom Selection" tool to select only objects whose type is text results in 358 items found. If I invert selection, delete, then select all you'd expect to have 358 objects found, but find zero.


Anybody know what's up?


Here's the import log.

DXF_DWG_DWF Import Log.pdf

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I've seen this happen frequently.  It is almost certainly an import setting pertaining to scale.  Typically in my work flows, the text comes in at a huge point value, but with a small bounding box, this gives the illusion of the text not being there.  To fix, select the text using the Select Similar tool and then change the text size to something appropriate like 10 or 12 pt in the OIP.  The text will then display correctly for your design layer scale.  If that doesn't do the trick, you can change the width of the text objects in the OIP to correct for them bing imported as tiny.  If you're still having trouble, I have time to take a look at the DWG for you.


Hope it helps.

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As Jeff mentioned this is most likely a text scaling issue during import.


Another possibility could be that the text has (almost) the same colour as the background and is therefore invisible. What are the the colours of the text objects? If they do show a colour that should be visible then it is most likely the scaling. Otherwise you may want to apply a different colour to the text objects to see if that makes a difference.


AutoCAD uses the came colour white (colour nr. 7) for displaying text as white or black depending on the colour of the background, i.e. text will show as the reverse of the background. Sometimes the person making the dwg drawing uses a text colour that is almost black or white (colour 25x) to make the colour of the text to show up the same regardless of the background colour, e.g. if the text is above light(er) or dark(er) colours and doesn't want to be constrained by the background colour causing text to become less visible above certain colours when it changes from white to black or viceversa. Most of the time it should import properly into Vectorworks but occasionally it doesn't.

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