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Light object rendering puzzle

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Can someone enlighten me on this problem ....   I may put several light fixtures and recessed can lights in a space.  When using OpenGL some of the lights do not seem to be "on" ... that is, they don't cast shadows nor emit light.  However, without hitting any other keystroke, a mere change to Fast Quality Renderworks instantly makes all the lights visible.    I can't figure out why some of the lights render correctly in OpenGL and others do not.  There doesn't seem to be any difference in the light objects.   So ... is there some sort of setting in OpenGL that I'm missing ?   Is there something in the light object ?   I'm puzzled.   (I'm also using VW2015, but I suspect this doesn't matter between versions.)

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There are so many traps in VW that new or even experienced users may run in at some point.

Things that you "just have to know" somehow.

Like accidentally de-activating "Unified View", too far from File Origin, Visibility settings

for Class AND Layers, ......


8 Light OpenGL View Limit is another one, which confuses especially Spotlight users

every now and then on this Forum.

I am not sure if 8-limit is a VW speciality or general OpenGL standard,

at least I did not hear about in any 3D/Render App Forums,

as I always avoided many (Raytrace) Light Sources because of RAM and Render Time

limits, in the past.


My preferred Setup is still to get away with only one Daylight (Heliodon),

if applicable. So I never personally ran into or experienced that limit so far .


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