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PIO Doors


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Just curious. I know how to modify the defaults but I'm curious why Nemetscheck created the jamb face of doors at 4" instead of a more standard 3/4".

Edit: How would I go about changing all my door jamb faces to .75 in one operation - rather than individually selecting them and changing them in OIP?

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Does make you wonder. When I begin a project, and use the door PIO, I set the first door to 3/4" jamb (and change a bunch of other default stuff that doesn't make any sense to anyone who has installed a door). Thereafter every door I add will use my defaults instead of the programs for that file. I'd be curious about where to look to change the default. To change all the exisiting,you'll probably have to select them all, then change the jamb thickness. Sorry if this is not much help.

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