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Pitched Truss

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I think its time for the community of minds. In the picture bellow (front view) the LD want to pitch the ends of the truss downward for an added effect. Right now Braceworks sees this as 3 different systems but it need to be one system since they will be connected in real life. When I attempt to put a hinge or custom angle piece of truss in I can only get it to bend on the X,Y axis. Has anyone been able to hinge truss on the X axis and get it to calculate properly? Also this is HUD truss so I can't get the angle right in Top/Plan then rotate into the correct position. 




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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

What type of truss and hinge are you using?


From your description of only being able to bend the hinge or connect the custom corner in the horizontal plane (X/Y axis) it sounds like the truss you are using has no Braceworks cross section profile and is using the default rigid setting. Which then restricts corners and hinges to connecting in the horizontal plane


Another possible issue is that bookend style hinges are restricted to only being usable in the horizontal plane (outside of a couple of exceptions this is per manufacturers recommended use guidelines, from my understanding). Effectively this mean that for this configuration you would need to use a center point type hinge.

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We are using 10' Tyler GT 14"x24" truss, we commonly referred to it as HUD truss. A hinge my be the wrong word here. The lower fork ends of the truss will be pinned together and a super short piece, we call a bullet, will connect the top forks allowing the truss to change angles. The attached picture may explain it better. This is the custom piece I am referring to that I can't seem to make play nice with Braceworks


The truss in my drawing is using the default ridge cross section data. I didn't think this would cause a problem for what I want to accomplish.



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The basic problem is that there isn't any Braceworks cross section data available for any Tyler trusses, as they are not willing to share the needed structural analysis data for their products with us.
This in turn causes auto-connect to restrict how corners will connect with trusses in 3D (it will only allow the corner to connect in the horizontal plane).

Currently this is a hard coded restriction when there isn't any cross section data available, we are changing this as part of the 'Refactoring of Truss Engine' task that's part of the development roadmap but that doesn't really help at this moment.


I've contacted a college on the content team to see if he can find a solution for you.


If you have access to the structural data for this type of Tyler truss you could create your own custom Cross section for it, which in theory would fix the problem.

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