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  1. Maybe someone else can shed some light on this for me. I am putting in a audio array with hoist for a Braceworks report. As you can see in the picture, when I put the array in vertically I have no problems. However, when I rotate the array or even insert it on an angle the array disconnects it self from the hoists. Is there a setting that I need to change? Am I not doing the secret hand shake correctly? Or is this an actual problem? Thanks for the help, Sam
  2. Thanks Jess, I was assuming as much. Glad to know I am not the only one struggling with this.
  3. Hi yawl, Has anyone worked with the ladder tool and connected it to a piece of truss? My typical work around for this is to put a point load in for the weight of the ladder. I got some time for this project so I figured I would try a new method to make the model better. Thanks, Sam
  4. Hi Ya'll, I made a custom truss library back in VW20 to mimic what we have in the shop. Recently we upgraded to VW22 and I'm finding that these truss pieces no longer snap the way they are suppose to. What happened? They worked fine in VW21. Is there an easy fix or am I going to have to redraw the whole library?
  5. We are using 10' Tyler GT 14"x24" truss, we commonly referred to it as HUD truss. A hinge my be the wrong word here. The lower fork ends of the truss will be pinned together and a super short piece, we call a bullet, will connect the top forks allowing the truss to change angles. The attached picture may explain it better. This is the custom piece I am referring to that I can't seem to make play nice with Braceworks The truss in my drawing is using the default ridge cross section data. I didn't think this would cause a problem for what I want to accomplish.
  6. I think its time for the community of minds. In the picture bellow (front view) the LD want to pitch the ends of the truss downward for an added effect. Right now Braceworks sees this as 3 different systems but it need to be one system since they will be connected in real life. When I attempt to put a hinge or custom angle piece of truss in I can only get it to bend on the X,Y axis. Has anyone been able to hinge truss on the X axis and get it to calculate properly? Also this is HUD truss so I can't get the angle right in Top/Plan then rotate into the correct position.
  7. That was the ticket! Thanks
  8. Hi all, I am working in VW Braceworks SP3.1. I heard that VW created a easy to use report for creating hoist paperwork. From what I am reading this option should be in the drop down menu Spotlight>Reports>Create Hoist Report. My problem is that it simply is not there. Am I over looking something or is this a technical problem? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,
  9. I hope I’m not being dumb or maybe I’m just rusty. Is there a way to connect hoist directly to a video wall so that it will run Braceworks calculations?
  10. Here is a slimmed down version of what I am working on. BW Problem.vwx
  11. Hello All, I work at Reed Rigging and we are trying to utilize Braceworks. On one of our recent projects we noticed that BW was not putting out numbers that we would expect to see. We have an 80' truss span with 5 hoist. BW is calculating hoist 1,3,and 5 to within 75lbs of our numbers. However, BW is calculating hoist 2 and 4 to be 300lbs heavier then our numbers. Can anyone explain why BW would spit out these kinds of numbers? (Note: I have removed all the safety factors in BW to try and get as accurate numbers that I can get) We are checking BW against our internal system that we use to produce the calculations we need. This system has been proven in real-world situations to be accurate. Something that we really want to see is the math behind BW. We have an office full of ETCP certified riggers who have been very successful using long hand to calculating accurate loads. I have been informed that generating a report will produce the math however, as you can see the report does not show this. Where can I look to find this math? Thank you! BW Report.pdf
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