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how do I draw window with curved top pane?

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BTW, there are so many PIO's, where does one find a definitve listing of their attributes/functions. The .pdf files "object library catalogues" are actually pretty much useless (sorry to be so blunt). Look at the Anderson or Marvin windows; the only way to know which one to use is to try it out, so what's the point of the pdf? Maybe an experienced user could interpret the info, but then that user would already know what to use, so wouldnt bother with the pdf...

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

There is no definitive listing. Our technical publications (documentation) department, while they do a fine job, can't keep up with our development staff.

Plugin objects were originally intended to be "self-documenting", i.e., simple enough that the user should just place an instance of the plugin, move to a 2D or 3D view, whichever is more relevant, and play with the parameters to learn it. For very complicated plugins, this is not practical. However, with each release, we add ease-of-use features to plugins, and you can expect this to be a continuing process, so maybe we can get back closer to our 'self-documenting' ideal.

No offense on the PDF comments. These are really just for users who want a printed catalog.

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