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Plant Record File Sharing Major Problem

Ben Jameson



Hi, We use file sharing on a large project of ours. Several plants had their data changed (in the resource browser) before saving and commiting yesterday. Both users then opened new working files but some plants record formats (IfcBuildingElementProxy) have the old info, some have the new info, and many have lost the info. Our plants are within a larger symbol called planter.


The problem: Lots/most plant Record Formats are missing info even though their plant data is there. After clicking 'Edit Plant Style' and then 'OK' it reappears and our schedules work again. We have thousands of plants in this file though and cannot do this for all of them.


Please could someone help with this, as well as provide some best practice for avoiding conflicts in the resource manager while project sharing.









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To provide more information about how annoying this is - we have 20,000 plants approx across 17 different sites and associated schedules and  20 different actual plant symbol types.  To manually go to every single site and click on every single draughted group of each plants to get it to wake up is simply not feasible. 


The resource browser only shows one symbol in the file - but when individual daughted symbols within the document are selected the information is different (as can be seen int he above screen shot) and the plants appear twice on the schedule or not at all with their different data displayed.  We have probably spend 8 hours on trying to work out what is going on and have a project due in a few days.  We can't risk getting the plant numbers wrong.  All we have managed to figure out is it something to do with IFC data, as this is what appears different.


Aaaughhh dying a slow death 😞



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