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  1. Hi, We use file sharing on a large project of ours. Several plants had their data changed (in the resource browser) before saving and commiting yesterday. Both users then opened new working files but some plants record formats (IfcBuildingElementProxy) have the old info, some have the new info, and many have lost the info. Our plants are within a larger symbol called planter. The problem: Lots/most plant Record Formats are missing info even though their plant data is there. After clicking 'Edit Plant Style' and then 'OK' it reappears and our schedules work again. We have thousands of plants in this file though and cannot do this for all of them. Please could someone help with this, as well as provide some best practice for avoiding conflicts in the resource manager while project sharing. fds
  2. Hi I'm wanting to add a long list of botanical plant names to the UserDictionary.txt Users\Ben\AppData\Roaming\Nemetschek\Vectorworks\2021\Plug-ins\Dictionaries The first time I run the spelling I click "learn"(file VW generated) and it adds the word to the dictionary. I then manually open and add a new word (file VW Manually Added), but when running spell check again it doesn't see the word in the dictionary. I then click learn again and it overwrites everything into a new format (VW Learn Overwrite). I've read in the docs that it should be the word followed by tab and then i, but this doesn't work either. Please could someone attach their working manually generated file so that I can copy the format. Thank you so much Ben UserDictionary_VW generated.txt UserDictionary_VW Learn Overwrite.txt UserDictionary_VW Manually Added.txt
  3. We’re now working from home and having VW issues related to the workgroup folder. We’re using a split tunnel VPN that uses our local wifi for everything, except connecting to our office server which uses the office internet. File transfer to the server over internet is still relatively fast (over 20mbps). The issue we’re having is VW takes 15min to open without any project, and once open nearly every project file will crash VW. The temporary solution has been to remove the workgroup file link, and then VW opens in less than a minute and opens files normally. We heavily use the workgroup folder to coordinate resources between projects so this is only a temporary solution for us. Please could you help. Thank you
  4. Hi there, We're having problems that may be related to our office server. Exporting resources to the server takes at least 1min, while exporting them to the local drive is instant (same amount of resources on both). Save and commit while project sharing on the server also takes 3-5min. Our computers run large files in 2020 with no problem when on the local drive. Does this sound like a server issue which could be solved with a newer server? Thank you Ben 🙂
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