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Worksheet - Reading character from function in cell

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I use object names often when I want to do a worksheet of areas, with each names object having a corresponding name in the worksheet to identify it.


Is there a way that I can parse/read an object Name (e.g. D [  =AREA(N='D')  ]  in in D5 in image encl) and have another cell read and show/display/print that name? It sure would save a lot of double entry and avoid errors. I do not see a function enabling reading (in vw 2012) characters.

Getting text string from function in cell.JPG

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I think you want to read up on Worksheet Database Rows. It is perfect for what you are doing where you are repeating the same formulas over and over.


=N is the formula to display the object name in a worksheet cell. If you use it in a Database row you would use it just as written.


In a Spreadsheet cell you would need to use a criteria with it.  =N(L='Layer 1')

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