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Can't move Symbol Forward


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For some reason my symbol which I have moved to the front of the page is showing under another symbol. They are on different layers and classes. The green object has been sent to the front and it on a layer and class that is above the other solid object.683994125_SymbolUnder.thumb.PNG.529c51c260a8b417f02a4704163c967f.PNG

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I don't think 3D objects respect Stacking Order. They are drawn based on their actual 3D location.


2D and Hybrid Objects use Stacking Order, but I think you are seeing is a Screen Plane object (either 2D or Hybrid) above a 3D object. Perhaps make the green object into an Autohybrid so you get a Top/Plan screen plane version that you can change the stacking order on.


Or it is also very possible that @Hans-Olav diagnosed it right as a Layer stacking order issue.

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The layers are stacked properly. These are just 2D objects saved as symbols. I will have to look into what you are referring to as Autohybrid. I have not heard this term, i am new to VW. I have created hybrid 2D and 3D objects but not Autohybrid.

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Thanks, Here is the simplified file. I went back in to edit the 2D object and put the fill back in but it showing as filled now when I had set it to none in the Attributes box. The object shows as no fill though, not sure why this is. Either way i moved one of the green objects up over the box under. You can see the dark box line is above the green line.

Overlay Problem.vwx

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It is a layer stacking issue. The solid boxes are in the Furniture layer which is above the 1-Finished Floor layer.


If you put both objects on the same layer you can use the stacking order commands to get what you want.


I see you using a lot of Layers and a lot of classes. You might need to rethink what you are putting in different layers and consider using more classes for some of those things.




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