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Combining & Creating solids


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Hi, I am struggling to find any solution in forums or online searches...apologies if this has been covered.

I'm new to 3D printing, Audio design is my forte but there is not much of that happening at the moment.


I have 2x Issues:


1- I have 3 objected that I need to become one solid. I have managed to combine 2 via add solid command.I cannot get the 3rd to join in.... They are all Generic solids and I get the error 'You have tried to create a solid object which cannot be computed. Edit the geometry to resolve this condition and try again'

This section started life as a Subdivision and has numerous cutouts & indents via subtract solids as well as some Chamfer & fillet edges.


2- How do I make them solid, when printed they are all hollow.


Many thanks.


While I have your attention, is it possible to honeycomb the inside rather than making it a solid?

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You may need to simplify the 3rd object.

Try Add Solids a simple cube and the 3rd object to confirm.

Otherwise try changing the order of the Solid Addition.


The Slicer Software you're using for the 3d print is probably the best place to create a honeycomb pattern from the exported STLmodel but it can be done in VW but I  prefer not to.

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Thanks bcd


I followed your lead and went back to the basic structures, no cutouts etc and had indifferent results, as well as going back to previous version.

There seemed to be no continuity of which piece was corrupt (or miss drawn...)

However with a little investigation & re design within Subdivision I made it a whole piece, then added the cutouts, chamfer etc which maybe a better workflow...


I will pass on to my 3D printer friends if they can make it either sold or honeycomb.

Although it would  be really useful to know how to make a true solid in VW.


Thanks again.


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On 11/12/2020 at 3:05 AM, tsmith2 said:

2- How do I make them solid, when printed they are all hollow.

This should be a setting within the slicing software used to generate the g-code for the 3D printer. For example, I’m currently using the PrusaSlicer software and the “infill %” setting is what determines the amount of fill inside the exterior “skin” of the 3D print.


The objects themselves in Vectorworks would already be solids, unless they have been originally modelled as thin surfaces, extruded lines, or shelled solids.

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