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Kind of. You need to tell us more about what you actually want.


R0.1, R1.1, R2.1, etc.  


RO.1, RO.2, R0.3, R0,4..... R1.1, R1.2, R1.3.....  R2.1, R2.2, etc.


How often are the R numbers going to change?


If not very often, take one of the Number Stamp styles of Data Tag and duplicate the style. Add a new text block for the R0. part. Select it and in the OIP click the Use Dynamic Text check box and hit the Define Dynamic Text button. Set it to a User Entered Value with a type of Text.  OK your way out.


Now if you Edit Tag Data you will get a dialog box that will let you change the R portion and the number will increment as you put tags on different objects.


I probably haven't been clear enough, so ask again if you need more help.

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