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Edit / customise socket symbol

Ross McLee

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We are new to ConnectCAD and looking to format our schematic drawings in CC as closely to our current AutoCAD as we transition to an only VW workflow.


When using devices and connectors - is there any way you can edit the triangular symbol used for the sockets?


Our current drawings don't have a symbol at all - just the text.


Is the symbol optional?

Could there be a choice of symbol depending on the type of connection? (selected from the object info palette)






I have found the "Graphic Style" option within the Object Info palette. I have tried a few of them and got an error message:

"The sysmbol skt_con_djf_IN was not found in the default Content. you can create a symbol in your document if your require."


So I am part way there. I think some further documentation about how this component works and how it is configured and managed would be handy. Setting a default type too.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi Ross,


Yes you can change the look of sockets. But first you have to understand how they work.


Sockets internally place a couple of symbols: skt_con_xxx - the graphics, and skt_txt_X the label i.e. the text displayed. If the socket is an IN type then the skt_con_IN is used, if it's an OUT the skt_con_OUT is used etc. There are specialised versions of these symbols e.g. skt_con_djf_IN which is used in Data Jackfields (a.k.a patch panels). The label symbol is selected by orientation so for a L socket the skt_txt_L symbol is used. So these are the symbols you will need to edit in order to change the look.


But where to edit them? To avoid altering your Vectorworks installation and then having your changes erased by the next upgrade I strongly suggest you create a copy of the standard template and work on that. This will give you a way back if your modifications cause problems. So in your new template look for the symbol folder zNestedSymbols you'll see the symbols I described in there.


Good luck!



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