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Unwanted Schematics


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So schematic views are great and all, but every time I insert a lighting pipe it creates a schematic view version, leaves both objects selected, and throws the pipe somewhere I did not draw it.  How do I stop this?  There must be a toggle somewhere, I just can't find it.



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The option is hidden, as schematic views are supposed to be a replacement. There’s not a simple solution to dealing with the default setting being on. Your best bet is to open in 2019, either the original or down-save, change the Lighting Pipe defaults, then open back in your current version. 
It’s also possible to fix with a script if going to 2019 isn’t an option. 

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Thanks so much, Script Wizard @JBenghiat!


Edit: yes, it's weird that it was a default.  Must have been just in the one file I chose to drag forward as a template, because I don't remember it's being an issue last season.  Either way, your fix is greatly appreciated.

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