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Symbol names do not appear in OIP

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I am building a scenic element with repeated components which I am making using extrudes, add solids, and subtract solids. I am then creating symbol with each object, leaving instance in place, and using symbol insertion to place duplicates.


The unusual result I'm getting is that the OIP is calling those objects "extrude," "solid addition," or "solid subtraction," and not "symbol." Also, the name of each symbol is not appearing in the OIP. Also, the symbols, inserted using Insert Symbol tool, do not update, when the symbol is changed using Edit 3D from the Resource Browser. Also, symbols I created in an older document imported to the new one, behave normally: display "Symbol" at the top of OIP, display symbol name, and respond to edits from the resource browser.


I'm not sure what happened that I can't make working symbols anymore. Any ideas?

Symbol Glitch.vwx

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Two possibilities.


1. You have the Convert to Group (or Convert to Plug-in) option selected in the Create Symbol dialog box. If that option is selected, then the symbol becomes a "Red Symbol" (PIO) or "Blue Symbol" (anything else) [Due to the color of the symbol name in the Resource Manager]. When that symbol is placed in the drawing (including the original object you create the symbol from), the symbol is only used as a container and the objects inside the symbol are placed in the drawing instead. You can edit the for already existing symbol by selecting them in the Resource Manger, right clicking on them and Edit Symbol Options.


2. You have the option selected to set the insertion point to Next Mouse Click, but you are not clicking so the symbol is not actually being created. If you hit Escape before you click the symbol won't be created.


If it is option 1, then the symbol should all be in the Resource Manager.

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