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Wall Style with Zip-R sheathing?


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Erm Jonathan Reeves has some wall/slab/roof styles but I'd just create my own, then you can get exactly what you want. I don't think there are any existing styles in the libraries I'd use off the shelf. More of an issue for me has been finding suitable textures for the materials i'm using. Despite the quantity of resources in the VW libraries a large proportion of it isn't much use. But there's tons of free textures out there so I'd say better to start from scratch + build the exact wall you want. Very quick + easy. Just don't try + change the orientation of a texture on a slab...

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What is the product? An OSB board with membrane ready-attached to it? Would you make it using two components: one for the OSB (textures of which available for free on several sites) + one for the membrane: mtextur do similar-looking ribbed fabric which could be made the right colour in Edit Image Colour dialog

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20 hours ago, Wes Gardner said:

@Inspectorjack, I think I used 1/2" as the thickness of the actual sheathing...you may want to change its texture to OSB.  There's a Saved View in the file that turns the siding off..."Model All" turns it back on.





Screen Shot 2020-09-25 at 7.41.26 PM.png

Zip-R House.vwx

Howdy Wes and Thank you.

I dare say a video instruction series of just developing that model, maybe with little more complexity, could be the basis of a great "Model Set-up"  instruction asset.  As well as  a Design Summit class.  


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