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Ceiling Grid Off-Center

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VW12 Designer, Windows XP

With VW11 I learned a quick and easy way to make the Ceiling Grid Tool offset the grid from the center of a space. Click first at a locus placed in the space where I want the grid to intersect. Then I click each of the four corners of the room. When the grid displays, I would go back and delete the first vertex and the line to the first corner. Voila!

IN VW12 this technique doesn't seem to work. So I must let the tool center the grid, and then laboriously move the intersection to where I want it. Am I missing something? I don't suppose it would be possible to use the VW11 tool in VW12?

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I am having the same problem! There seems no way to adjust the ceiling grid relative to a start point - that is at least clear.

There is dialog box with starting x and y but it not clear how this works and its not mentioned in the manual.

If I am missing something please advise. I am assuming that VW has not address this issue by the lack of response to the previous message.


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Some comments about the Ceiling Grid Tool which may help clarify things:

- There is a handle which is the current origin of the ceiling grid. This can be moved to where ever you want it to be.

- When you use the Ceiling Grid Tool to draw the ceiling grid the object relative origin (X=0 and Y=0) is the point where you started drawing the grid from.

- When you use the Objects From Polyline command to draw the ceiling grid the object relative origin (X=0 and Y=0) is the same as the drawing origin.

Given that in most cases you know where you want the grid to draw from all you need to do is drag the grid origin to this location. The same applies whether it is inside or outside of the actual grid.

The only problem I can see is where the Objects From Polyline command is used in drawings where the drawing origin is quite some distance away. Maybe it would be better if the object relative origin was located at say the top LH corner of the ceiling grid obect, or something similar.

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