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2D Polygon Tool

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Is there a way, when you are using the 2D polygon tool to cancel only the last point click in a loooong series of defining clicks in making a polygon?

I am drawing/tracing an elaborate polygon and sometimes I do click/define a point in the wrong place! I have to delete the polygon and start all over again, where-as, if there was a keystroke to delete the last click only, that would be helpful in helping me click/define the correct point without starting over.

Any ideas?

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One way to deal with the objective: to connect a long series of points generated with the polygon tool, is to terminate the series, start the next one (ad nauseum) and then, assuming each series of points is touching, hit Modify(v12) or Tool(v11, 10...)>Add Surface. Voila! the polylines/polygons are connected.

Since MiniCad 4 I've been struggling with this, and only recently figured it out...

Double-click on the line to easily edit any point (or curve).

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the assumption that each series of points are touching is not so good.

My original question arose from the tedious task of tracing a complicated polygon that arrived on my screen from a DXF/DWG import and I am trying to clean it up by tracing it and giving it a fill or crosshatch, etc.

I've used the Add Surface tool before, but it seems to take the same amount of time to varify that all the (imported polygon) points are connected, as it does just tracing another polygon over the original...

I wish there was an easier way.

Thanks for the help

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Here's a neat trick:

1)Make a copy >Group it

2) Enter Group > Convert to Lines>Compose

3) If there are only external 4 or 8 Handles ( based on Pref) , then

>OIP > Closed

4) If more than 4-8 Handles then select the new Polygon objs >new line color for each poly > try Add Surfaces. If this works fine

if not then repeat step #1-3 and join the diff colored end points of the differrent polys and then Compose them all.

This is the fastest way I know to Compose complex lines into a single Polygon of any shape & number of vertices.

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