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  1. Just tried it in a blank new file and same problem, I believe I clicked once per vertex and during the creation of a random multi vertices object, the operation unexpectedly 'finished' was before I was done.
  2. Hi, When I'm using VW v2015, I notice when I'm drawing or tracing a 2D polygon and using the 2D Polygon Tool:Vertex Mode that the sensitivity of the single mouse clicks to the trace points is more reactive than v2014. As in: it finishes the operation too soon...I am tracing over an object of multiple vertices and I can't finish the whole trace-around before the tool essentially double clicks to complete the operation well short of my finishing the trace around. I've check my system preferences of my USB cabled mouse and the double click is set at the lowest Double-Click Speed. I'm being incredibly careful to only click once at the desired vertex on my way around, still without any pattern somewhere along the way the operation of the tool 'completes' before I've finished. This mouse oversensitivity doesn't happen when I'm using VW v2014, so I'm having an issue truly switching over to VW v2015. Hopefully this make sense to someone and has a setting adjust or work-around I thank you for your time
  3. So I am entering the 21st century by creating a Light Plot drawing wholly in Spotlight and utilizing the lighting objects instead of just symbols for the first time. Beyond the Issues(!) of object label manipulation to create an ascetically pleasing layout, it?s going ok. BUT the issue that I cannot explain and am asking for help/guidance is for the lighting objects that are appearing in the drawing file without my consent. This issue arose while building an Instrument key by placing unit symbols into the key and I look over at LW and 5 lighting objects have now appeared at the top of my ?view all by channel? display (without any attributes other than the Instrument type) and beyond my explanation the units are hanging out like an un-welcomed house guest at my zero/zero point in my drawing file. I?ve since downgraded my unit symbols in my key to objects and the problem has stopped. From the action description would anyone have any possible explanation of why this is happening? Also in this vein - if lighting objects get unintentionally inserted into the drawing file via unexplained happenstance or by an errant entry into LW, how do I quickly locate them? Do they always go to the zero/zero point? Is there any consistent layer they appear in? or is it whichever layer is currently active and can I over-ride that so they appear only on one ?I know where to look? layer? Searching all the layers for these errant lighting objects is getting so! boring. Thanks. I welcome your thoughts.
  4. So here's my issue: Using VW2012 SP4 (build 162341). I'm trying to build the Titleblock for my lightplot by grabbing a symbol, converting to group (so not to skew my unit count) and copy and pasting into my titleblock symbol. I'm getting a 'new to me' VW warning dialogue: 'You have converted the 2D symbol you are editing into a hybrid symbol by adding 3D or hybrid objects. Do you want to continue?' then the fine print says: 'The 2D objects in the symbol view will no longer be visible in plan view. Note that 2D objects are planar objects which are assigned to the screen plane' Now I'm loath to do anything! that would make a 2D symbol no longer visible in Plan View... since I'm keeping the drawing as simple as possible by using 2D symbols and everything I believe I've drawn is in Plan/Top View. I've no idea what this warning is telling me and I cancel out of it so not to mess up any! displaying of 2D objects I've already placed in my titleblock. Can anyone help me understand what is going on and how I can work around this frustrating issue so I can move forward? Much thanks in advance.
  5. Sorry to say: I can't give more evidence. I love the Number Stamp Tool, but for some inexplicable reason - after I have numbered my specific items and gone to another drawing task, with-in the drawing, I go back and the (double digit)numbers created by the number stamp are distorted (as reported in original post)...I've tried to replicate the error, but to no success. It seems to happen only when I am under the gun to get a drawing finished (of course).
  6. the assumption that each series of points are touching is not so good. My original question arose from the tedious task of tracing a complicated polygon that arrived on my screen from a DXF/DWG import and I am trying to clean it up by tracing it and giving it a fill or crosshatch, etc. I've used the Add Surface tool before, but it seems to take the same amount of time to varify that all the (imported polygon) points are connected, as it does just tracing another polygon over the original... I wish there was an easier way. Thanks for the help
  7. ok here's the deal. Mac OS 10.4.4 Vectorworks Spotlight 11.0.1 working on a drawing that has been modified by others before it got to me. I need to print as a PDF on ASME E Size PDF (44x34)...I print to PDF - and I get nothing on the PDF page when I open it. It's a big blank page but the correct size (44x34). But get a hold of this: When I open a new doc and format the page size and scale to match the doc I need to print...go into my "old" doc, select all across layers, copy, go to "new" doc, paste, and resize the page...Then Print to PDF - works fine. I have no idea what in the "old" document could be corrupting the PDF process - and getting a big blank page. I tried purging un-used items, selectively trying to PDF print only an active layer at a time, re-naming the file...well you get the idea... Anyone seen this before? Any helpful suggestions are welcome. Thanks
  8. Thanks for the tips...I guess there is no way to lock myself into the Top/Plan view.. maybe after i save I'll just Control 5... There's no way I can avoid the numeric keypad, I gotta use it.
  9. Imagine if you will: three to four buttons attached to the attribute Pallet, that would be user defined to assign an object/whatever to your desired attribute definitions.
  10. I love the Stamp Tool for Numbering Objects, I just wish I could define the text block a little better... when you get to two digit numbers they insert fine..I continue drawing...look back at the 2 digit text and it's constrained itself to look like this: ex: 12 come back to find this: 1 _disregard lines_______2(right under 1) as a text block- so I have to manually expand the text block..which is a pain. I've tried to globally to force the desired numberical text to a bigger font size and then reduce it back down, thinking that that would give the text block the space to allow the number to look correct, but to no avail... any thoughts on this?
  11. When I am only drafting in 2-D, somehow, in my keystrokes, while drawing - I somehow will get myself into the 3-D Top view. Is there a way to lock myself into the Top/Pan View, so there's no way to inadvertantly bump myself out of my desired plane view?
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