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Hatches Scale in Design layers and Sheet Layers

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Hi all,


I would like to know if there is another way of fixing and using the hatch scale.


When i draw a rectangle and i assign a hatch with a specific pattern (squares for example) in the design layer, when i create a viewport and assign a specific scale that pattern goes completely off course and doesn't show with the same effect as it does on the design layer.


What i have been doing is changing the scale of the pattern in the hatch properties figure by figure until i find the one that approximately matches what i'm looking for, but i think there must be a better way of doing this, i hope!


Anyone knows?

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It sounds like your hatch is world based. I,e. It has fixed dimensions that change to match the scale it is being viewed.


in the edit hatch dialogue you can change it to page based which means it will keep the same size relative to the page. So the hatch will be the same size relative to the page even in different scale viewports. 

Other resources such as symbols and linetypes etc can also be page based. They will display in green in the Resource Manager.

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That was SPOT ON! Thanks for the help! It seems some of the hatches are page and others world based, with the world based ones when i change the scale of the viewport the hatch remains the same, but when they're page base it goes completely of course.


So again many thanks for the help!

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