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Vectorworks Lags when using push and pull tool

Tanner Shelton


I just recently started having this issue. I am on the newest SP of Vectorworks 2020 and I will use the push/pull tool, and click on just a rectangle, and try to pull it up, and it will lag Vectorworks. So much that I have to wait for 5-10 minutes for it to respond and finally complete the action. It doesn't happen every time and it has happened to me in multiple documents (Even in a brand new file). The only change I made recently was I assigned a hot key to the push pull tool (E). I don't think this could cause any issues but thought I would bring it up.

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Assigning a hot key should not make a difference. If you have to wait 5-10 minutes then something is wrong.


Does it make a difference if you turn off all snaps? When I had serious lag in VW2019 turning off all snaps did help to some extent. My guess at the time was that there are too many snap options in that area that it has difficulty to figure out which point to snap to.

Depending on your drawing content this might be happening in your case as well, though things should have improved since VW2019.


Another thing that made a difference in my case  at the time was a fresh install of Windows to clear all clutter from update over update over update. It may not be VW itself that is causing the issue but something within the Windows system that is causing slowness in VW.

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