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Problem With Visibility of Images in Worksheets, After Recalculate Command


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Hello - I am using Vectorworks 2020 and trying to create a simple legend for Landscape Areas, so began by selecting a Preformatted report from Create Report / Type. 


Below are pasted two screen-captures from my drawing:

  • The one on the left (BEFORE:) is how the report initially looked on my drawing.
  • The one on the right (AFTER) is how the report looks after editing the report and running the Recalculate command. Notice how the images have faded to the point of being nearly invisible.


Any known solution to this potential bug? I found a thread from a couple years back, but it didn't help. Is this a known problem, and if so, what is a workable process to create a basic legend for landscape and hardscape areas that will show the image fill?






image.thumb.png.d61afcf2477386bf2ebc298aca4f6cd9.png    image.thumb.png.65380c95ea48cc45284db29687f7a7da.png






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Ah, you got it, thanks! I had noticed that the opacity was set to 5% from the setting of one of the landscape areas recently created, but thought once I selected the report within the drawing and switched the opacity back to 100%, that would work, but it didn't. As you suggested, the attributed opacity has to be set before recalculating.


Thanks again,


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