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fixture requests


There are separate fixture request forms for vision and spotlight, which is confusing. I am unsure if this means one should make two requests for the same fixture, or if one of the forms results in a fixture compatible with both spotlight and vision. In the case of MVR/ESC (and ultimately GTDF) the fixture is not usable without the fixture mode metadata.


I wish the there was only one form and or that spotlight fixtures requested would be compatible with vision as a standard.


thank you

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the issue right now is the complexity of how Vision Modes are created.  it is not something that is straight forward and easy to do.  With GDTF on the horizon, this will make it easier for me to do both, though a bit of a slowdown on the number of fixtures I can get done in a week.  but it also will mean that users can create that mode that is missing in stead of waiting for us to make it.

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The difference in what you get from each of the request forms is not self evident -especially if you have purchased both VW and vision thinking that they are closely connected.

For me there is no point of fixture that only exists in vision and cant be positioned and configured in spotlight. I realise now that its someting you guys aqquired and are integrating. Plus mvr and gtdf happening.


In the meantime how do I proceed in order to use this service in my VW/Vision pipeline. Do I just fill out both forms?


I appreciate your work and time

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if the VW form mentions need for Vision mode, I pass it over once the VW side is done.  if there is no mention, I just complete the work on the VW symbol and then close it.


The thing is when someone uses the VW form to request a mode for something that is already in the libraries, it goes to my que, then has to be moved over to the Vision que and can then be lower on the list than a fixture request made directly through the Vison form.  If you need both, you can do it through the VW form, but if you just need vision, best to do that through the form on the website for vision.


the big issue right now is that we only have one person who can make Vision modes.  With GDTF it is an easier way to make the modes available, and I can work on those with the VW symbol, thereby meaning we can have more hands working on the content needed for visualizers.



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