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High Modifier Vertex Count


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My office is having issues with site model file size and have been working through a variety of suggestions from VW staff. However, we continue running into problems. Here is our latest:


We created a site model in Vectorworks via the following steps:


1.       Existing topo created from original survey.

                a.       CAD lines with 3D info.

                b.      Converted to 3D polys.

                c.       Simplified to 6 inches.

                d.      Create DTM of existing topo.

2.       Proposed Topo:

                a.       Take 2D polylines and directly convert them to contours.  This maintains the smaller number of vertices.  It also means each contour needs the z-elevation assigned during                               the contour process.

                b.      Make sure the contour creation is assigning the 2D polylines to “proposed” contours.

                c.       Create a grade limit polygon.  You can create multiple grade limit polygons if the disturbed areas are not contiguous.




Step 1 worked well, i.e. with a relatively fast processing speed and a manageable number of vertices.


However, Step 2 did not go as well. Although the vertex number remained low for 2D polylines that were converted into site modifiers (Both contours and grade limits alike) – the Modifier Vertex Count ballooned whenever a line was changed into a site modifier. (See 191119_SiteModifierVertices.png) These vertices are not visible/editable like ordinary vertices, but the Site model is clearly being generated with these modifier vertices.


In the other screenshots provided, you can see that although the site modifiers (in red) have few vertices, the model (in green) is triangulating with many more points of information. These screenshots are being taken at roughly the same place in the model. Does anyone have suggestions about how we can limit the modifier vertex count and create an efficient workflow moving forward?


In order for you to walk through the issues outlined above, we included a clean file with:


1) Our existing survey lines as 3D polygons with a low number of vertices

2) The grade limits Site Modifier with a low number of vertices but a high modifier vertex count.

3) Our proposed contour Site Modifiers- all with low numbers of vertices but high modifier vertex counts.

191119_Low Vertex Count.PNG

191119_Site Model Triangulation.PNG


High Site Modifier Vertex Count.vwx

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

In the OIP for the site modifier you should use a simplification tolerance of 6". It is directly above the Modifier vertex count. this will fix the issue. It took 4.8 seconds (yep I timed it) 🙂 to update the DTM.


Hope this helps.

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