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ahh...that sheet set up dialog box

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When I add or import a symbol or an object(s)from another vectorworks drawing, by copy/cut and pasting, the object retains the same class name and then I have to go into sheet set-up to allow that class to be visible the next time I want to run that sheet view macro...

If the object is going to be visible in multiple sheets set ups, I have to edit the view, then update the class visibility to do my thing, then hit ok...fine I got that.

But to keep editing other sheet views, I have to repeat the whole process again starting from the beginning. Wouldn't it be nice to remain in the edit sheet view set-up until I have fixed my visibility task through-out multiple views? OR a better dialogue box that can update across saved sheet views?

Just my wish to improve the ease of use of this program.


Is there a better way to do this?

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You can update Save Views from the Classes "control" dialog. Highlight the Class you want to modify, then click on the Save Views button at the bottom. This brings up a list of all Saved Views that you can then set the class visibility for.

I just wish there was a similar function for multiple Viewports.

Good luck,

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