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Plea for help - bad new user experience

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Constant crashes. Argh...

Fujitsu ST5000 tablet pc

1.1 GHz processor, 1.24 GB RAM

WinXP Service Pack 2.

Vectorworks 11.5 Architect with Renderworks (with the update patch)

Chief Architect was really straight forward 3d, but the program had major bugs and did not allow me the flexibility I wanted for residential remodels, so I sent it back in favor of Vectorworks - but I'm not having better luck here. I'm slowly getting Vectorworks figured out (not straight forward), but it will not stay up for anything. This is a fresh install on a fresh operating system. My models are not complicated. I have just graduated from 2d to 3d. Basically anything rendered crashes after a move or an edit.

My VW salesperson advised that my machine would handle the program without problem. From what I see here, it does not look like my machine is the problem. Others experiencing crashes are much more sophisticated users than I am, and are on both Mac and PC.

I can't afford not to have a working solution in the near future! Where do I go from here? Am I going to get this machine to work? I wanted to be mobile, and chose my machine for its long battery life and the advice that it would run this software. Also, Sketchup and VW seem to compliment each other nicely, and I've counted on the rumor that they will soon be more compatible.

All help greatly appreciated!

Thank you,



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never a problem on my Macs of various kinds, iBook, Powermac, etc.

I have seen reports that MS is npt really supporting the tablet version wholeheartedly.

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I think there is something in your setup that is causing this. VectorWorks (in my experience) is as stable as most aps on Mac and PC alike. You should not be seeing the problems you are having.

The fact that it is on a Tablet PC leads me to assume it may be a graphics card issue. If possible send the crashing file to tech support. Alternatively contact the company that sold you the seat and ask them to look into it.

The basic issue though is that no software maker can guarantee every single configuration of PC or even Mac hardware/software. In the grey area that exists over compatibility your best chance of reliability is to buy hardware and software from the same vendor and have a tech support contract with them as well.

For example a lot of the higher end MCAD vendors will support only those combinations of hardware and software that they have tested and approved.

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Check which version of quicktime you are using. I've had constant problems with 6.5.2. VW11.5.0 seems to crash with unerring regularity with it. I reinstalled 6.5.1 and found the whole setup much more stable. You can get the download from this link: http://download2.nemetschek.net/nnapub/win/QuickTime651/QuickTimeFullInstaller.exe

You could also try removing any google software you have installed. Its handling of Open GL really messed up VW speed and stability.

If all else fails try to get a copy of 11.0.1. That version doesn't seem to suffer from the same stability issues as 11.5

Good luck

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My first tests are all working with the older version of QT!

Thank you!

Now I'd like to find a large file to shake around to see if it crashes.

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Update all your drivers..UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE EVERYTHING. Clean out your registry file.

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