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  1. My first tests are all working with the older version of QT! Thank you! Now I'd like to find a large file to shake around to see if it crashes.
  2. zackayak


    Steer clear of the Slate style tablet pc's. They all run the same Intel graphics sets that I have I am told. The graphics drivers cause VW to crash constantly. I have discoverd the hard way that good graphics drivers are essential. Otherwise, the tablets have good screens, are comfortable to work with and have excellent battery life. Intel keeps releasing new drivers, and Sketchup is now working for me, but VW is still a mess.
  3. zackayak


    Steer clear of the Slate tablets. Everything about them is excellent but the graphics drivers. They have good screens, are comfortable to work with and have excellent battery life. Intel keeps releasing new drivers, and Sketchup is now working for me, but VW is still a mess.
  4. Constant crashes. Argh... Fujitsu ST5000 tablet pc 1.1 GHz processor, 1.24 GB RAM WinXP Service Pack 2. Vectorworks 11.5 Architect with Renderworks (with the update patch) Chief Architect was really straight forward 3d, but the program had major bugs and did not allow me the flexibility I wanted for residential remodels, so I sent it back in favor of Vectorworks - but I'm not having better luck here. I'm slowly getting Vectorworks figured out (not straight forward), but it will not stay up for anything. This is a fresh install on a fresh operating system. My models are not complicated. I have just graduated from 2d to 3d. Basically anything rendered crashes after a move or an edit. My VW salesperson advised that my machine would handle the program without problem. From what I see here, it does not look like my machine is the problem. Others experiencing crashes are much more sophisticated users than I am, and are on both Mac and PC. I can't afford not to have a working solution in the near future! Where do I go from here? Am I going to get this machine to work? I wanted to be mobile, and chose my machine for its long battery life and the advice that it would run this software. Also, Sketchup and VW seem to compliment each other nicely, and I've counted on the rumor that they will soon be more compatible. All help greatly appreciated! Thank you, Zack zackayak@yahoo.com
  5. OK - guess I wasn't asking much of my machine for a few hours. Now I am trying to experiment with 3d shapes, and all I'm getting are constant crashes. Zack
  6. Do you have the service update pack installed? I forgot to reinstall this after a non VW related hard drive death, and was experiencing regular crashes. Now I have it reinstalled and have worked a few hours with no crashes.
  7. Hi, I am situated in Oakland, am hoping for two things a.s.a.p. I'd like a lesson from someone that uses the 3d architectural features of VW, and I'd like to get together with some other new users such as myself to compare notes and help each other out. I am going through the tutorial videos and the VW by Project book, but it feels like for every suggested step there is a slew of unmemntioned settings that keep the command from working. The essential concepts have not yet clicked with me as to how to best set up and work with my models, and I am getting conflicting advice about such items as whether or not it is advisable to use the Task Manager. I've spoken with a few people who love VW, but ignore the 3d features, but I'd like to know how to take full advantage. I will be using VW for decks, remodels and additions, and will be using VW in conjunction with Sketchup. I have a strong interest in green building design. I look forward to hearing from people soon, as I am eager to progress. My home phone is 510 532-5843, my email is zackayak@yahoo.com. Thank you! Zack
  8. Robert, I am another frustrated new user. I wish that in your tutorials you would not repeat how easy and intuitive your software is. I'm also curious if I should ignore the Task Manager. arghhh, Zack in Oakland
  9. I am learning VW on a slate style tablet PC (no keyboard at all). When I asked my sales rep how to add undo and delete buttons to my toolbar, he suggested a Vectorscript. Would this be an easy task for someone here? It would be greatly appreciated! Zack
  10. Hi all, I am new to architectural drawing, and am starting from scratch with new equipment and software. There's a lot to learn, so I'd really appreciate advice... On the hardware side, I picked up a Fujitsu 5022 Tablet PC to go with my PC desktop. It's a slate with no keyboard. For software, I'm planning on using Vectorworks and Sketchup. My goal is to do as much as possible on the tablet. I'm thinking that the more I can do in the field, the more efficient and accurate I'll be. Plus, I like to be out and about. Vectorworks seems great on the tablet. Sketchup is totally keyboard based and requires much more computing power than the tablet offers. Here's what I think my work flow will look like: I'll be using Vectorworks on the tablet to capture existing site & structure details and hopefully to build my working model. Then I'll bring the model home to Sketchup on my PC for design work. How far will Vectorworks take me on the tablet before I run into performance limitations (1.1 g processor, 1250 RAM, no keyboard)? It sure would be great to alter and view plans live with clients in the field. I think that the tablet functionality I am looking for exists in a program Nemetscheck offers in Europe called Metric, but that interfaces with Allplan not Vectorworks. What tips do you have, what other apps should I consider, am I wasting my time trying something that won't work? Thanks for your feedback! Zack
  11. I am just starting out in this field and have been researching this also. Like Michael, I just bought VW and a non-bluetooth Disto, but am frustrated to put out this much money when a better solution seems just around the corner. I'm in the Sketchup demo period and will pick it up at a local event they're holding soon. I'm hoping that I'll be able to complete some of my jobs only in Sketchup. I'll be running it on a Fujitsu slate tablet computer in the field. I has an indoor/outdoor viewable screen and a Otterbox makes a waterproof case for it. I appreciate the tips on using VW's 3d features and will give it a go. There are obvious advantages to each software I'd like to see how complete a solution each can be on its own. As for the better solution around the corner... I speak and read German, and have been really FRUSTRATED to see that Nemetschek has released elegant solutions in Europe. They already sell a program called Allplan Metric that allows you to take measurements from the Disto Plus and import them directly into your drawings, and another called Allplan Photo that allows you to easily create scaled models from photographs. I'm consoled by telling myself that these would be out of my price range anyway, as I've already spent a fortune. I ordered the Allplan Demo from a company in San Jose, but it was worthless since it didn't come with any tutorial information. I chose VW because I hope that it will start to include Allplan features. Hey Nemetschek, can I be a Beta user of the US versions of these products PLEASE??!! Zack


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