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  1. Can anyone help with an update problem from 12.5.1 to 12.5.2? I get the error message 'update server responds HUH?' The full text of the installation log is as follows: (I've blocked my the serial number for security reasons) "Parameters: products: Fundamentals RenderWorks Architect Landmark Spotlight Mechanical gProtectionMode: Series B gDestination: C:\PROGRA~1\VECTOR~1.1 gUpdaterMode: Update gLanguage: eng successURL: https://secure.nemetschek.net/myVectorWorks/updater/index.php?vwVersion=12.5.2(71041)&platform=Win&osVersion=5.1.2600SP2&kind=updater&language=eng&serialNumber=xxxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxx gBaseBuild: gSerialNumber: xxxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxx executableName: C:\Program Files\VectorWorks 12.5.1\VectorWorks.exe gErrorFileName: C:\PROGRA~1\VECTOR~1.1\InstallerLog.txt gAccessLevel: Release gInstallLibs: True gInstallHelp: True Initializing wxWidgets. Defining error messages. pageAndQuery: /AutoUpdater.php?userName=nickreid buildType=Release language=eng exceptValue= base_build= exceptType= serialNumber=xxxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxx updaterVersion=15 platform=Win+%285.1.2600%29 sessionID=0000-00-00+00%3A00%3A00 msgID=BEGIN_SCRIPT action=installerEvent updaterMode=Update free space: 25 GB ############################################################### U P D A T E R executableName: C:\Program Files\VectorWorks 12.5.1\VectorWorks.exe executable is ok gBaseBuild: 1251_64620 begin GetAndInstallUpdates Win pageAndQuery: /AutoUpdater.php?userName=nickreid buildType=Release language=eng exceptValue= base_build=1251_64620 exceptType= serialNumber=xxxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxx updaterVersion=15 platform=Win+%285.1.2600%29 sessionID=0000-00-00+00%3A00%3A00 msgID=REQ_PLAT action=installerEvent updaterMode=Update pageAndQuery: /AutoUpdater.php?userName=nickreid buildType=Release language=eng exceptValue= base_build=1251_64620 exceptType= serialNumber=xxxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxx updaterVersion=15 platform=Win sessionID=0000-00-00+00%3A00%3A00 msgID= action=requestFileName updaterMode=Update requestFileName response: Send the error info to the database, and see if you got back a better error message. pageAndQuery: /AutoUpdater.php?userName=nickreid buildType=Release language=eng exceptValue=None base_build=1251_64620 exceptType=None serialNumber=xxxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxx updaterVersion=15 platform=Win+%285.1.2600%29 sessionID=0000-00-00+00%3A00%3A00 msgID=Server+responded%3A%0A%0A%0A%0AHuh%3F action=installerEvent updaterMode=Update Server responded: Huh? Exception Type: None Exception Value: None Exception Stack: None" Nick Reid
  2. Zackayak, Check which version of quicktime you are using. I've had constant problems with 6.5.2. VW11.5.0 seems to crash with unerring regularity with it. I reinstalled 6.5.1 and found the whole setup much more stable. You can get the download from this link: http://download2.nemetschek.net/nnapub/win/QuickTime651/QuickTimeFullInstaller.exe You could also try removing any google software you have installed. Its handling of Open GL really messed up VW speed and stability. If all else fails try to get a copy of 11.0.1. That version doesn't seem to suffer from the same stability issues as 11.5 Good luck
  3. Henry I've also had a recurring stability issue with VW11.5 which has been substantially improved by reinstalling Quicktime 6.5.1. I seem to have originally had 6.5.2. Try this link if you need to reinstall: http://download2.nemetschek.net/nnapub/win/QuickTime651/QuickTimeFullInstaller.exe This also seems to have improved the speed of 11.5, which I now consider to be faster than 11 for drawings with large numbers of points. The decision on whether to use Hardware Accelerated 2D Navigation in the display prefs seems to be very drawing dependent. My experience has been that it works very well on smaller drawings whether bitmap, vector or combination but once the point count rises (as can happen with Acad imports) then hardware acceleration is best turned off. As a general point it's my view that autocad hatches have always had a seriously detrimental affect on VW performance. 11.5 is no different in my experience. Nick
  4. Can anyone tell me why project drawings created entirely in VW 11.5.0 should crash without warning after about 30 minutes but are completely stable in 11.0.1. The drawings also have imported autocad components. This is in XP SP2 on a variety of machines from an AMD 1.4 laptop with 8Mb shared video ram to Dell Precisions 3.2 with 1.5Mb ram and nvidia 5200FX cards. I have tried reinstalling both versions to no effect and the ony common factor seems to be the use of quicktime 6.5.2. I'd try 6.5.1 except that it is no longer available. Any help would be much appreciated
  5. Henry, Do you have any google apps installed on your machines other than the search toolbar in Internet Explorer? Prefs reset only worked tmporarily but I noticed a marked slowdown after I installed Google Earth and Google Desktop Search. They made my whole machine run at a snail's pace even though the spec is not too dissimilar to yours. Removing them and then restoring to its pre-install condition seems to have solved the problem. I still have stabilty problems associated with Vectorworks and Outlook running at the same time even though I've applied the 11.5.0 patch. I've now reverted to 11.0.1 to fix this. Nick
  6. Since the release of VW11.5 I have suffered a minimum of 4 crashes daily. The windows 11.5.1 patch improved the speed problem but not stability. Crashes mostly occur when MS Outlook is running in the background although not always. There is never any warning of the crash and no opportunity to save my work. The program simply dumps out. I have noticed that its usually preceeded by a bunch of HD chugging. I can't tell whether specific files are causing the problem although it feels as though it's those that have imported AutoCad information that are most unstable. This latter possibility is the most disturbing of all since the world and his dog use autocad and we frequently have to exchange drawings with autocad users. VW11.01 did not suffer from the same instability troubles and its still faster than 11.5.1. I have returned to my 11.01 installation over the last week and wonder why I ever updated. This is on a P4/3.2Ghz/1.5Gb running XP SP2 but it also affects my AMD laptop and slower machines in the office. They all run XP SP2. Does anyone have any tips?
  7. You can do it through adobe illustrator. Illustrator will convert the PDF to dxf/dwg which can then be imported into VW. I don't think there is a more direct route.
  8. You can. Edit the annotation and copy/paste the parts you need to the layer you want it on. If it's on the sheet layer then beware of scale issues when you copy to the design layer.
  9. EPS import in VW prints fine but what you see on screen will only be the preview component. Which is why it has the jaggies. If you have Adobe CS then you can convert it to dwg format using Illustrator (assuming it's a vector PDF not raster). Photoshop is the safest route but save the PDF as a Mac PICT file. Graphic Converter on the mac will also do this for you much cheaper. If its a monochrome image then a 1 Bit pict can be imported and converted to vector data within VW. However, I found that you can spend ages cleaning up the conversion to get something acceptable. These days I just use 1 bit picts at 300DPI. Simple but effective. Their colour can be changed in VW by giving them a pattern fill and changing the pattern colours. If you then set the fill attribute to none then the bitmap will have the new colour with a transparent background.
  10. Viper Welcome to AutoCad. These are not 2 different files but different parts of the same file. Autocad has had paper space and model space since 1990. They roughly equate to sheet layers and design layers respectively. 1. Yes but different layers 2. Most likely 3. Yes that's the way things are in AutoCad 4. VW10 had a different conversion routine that converted the paper space views onto separate 1:1 layers in VW. You should have been able to see them.
  11. Dario, 100' (30m) is easily spanned with Cedar Glulam beams but if you want to be more adventurous ask your architect about a green oak shell.
  12. All of you who are interested in substantial improvements to rendering for vectorworks should take a look at Maxwell Render. (www.maxwellrender.com) Forget the others - Maxwell is The One. Vote for the plug-in at - http://www.maxwellrender.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1741 Sketchup already has one
  13. Use the render bitmap tool at 200-300dpi and save it to a different layer. The bitmap is then viewed thru the viewport and printed. The dpi I show is the final print resolution and will relate to the layer scale. Don't try to render a 100 metre square bitmap at 300dpi. You'll lock up your machine for the next century.
  14. Either each of the files has to align at 0,0,0 or each has to have its insertion point marked with a locus on the base drawing and the drawing to be inserted. Alternatively, a construction grid is necessary thru which all the component drawings can be coordinated. This should be basic drawing practice even for Autocad users. Without it, it is not possible for different disciplines to coordinate their drawings in a team project.
  15. I think the retrospect version is encrypted and compressed so you need to use the Dantz software to restore it. Large HDs are so cheap these days that its no problem to keep a clone. CCC can be scheduled to copy overnight. For backups I prefer synchronize pro x. I use it to mirror mixed network user folders and master project data to my the Mac server drive. CCC keeps a cloned backup. I've never had to use it in anger but murphy's law dictates that if I didn't have one then I'd probably encounter a problem like yours. It has however proved very useful for restoring to earlier OSX versions when apple have screwed up.
  16. Kevin - I know you've already spent the cash on a UPS but have you considered a second drive (firewire or USB2) and carbon copy cloner. The drive isn't free but CC Cloner is donationware and will give you a bootable clone of your whole system. That way you'll have everything working again in five minutes not 5 days.
  17. Thanks Travis. Its interesting (if that's the right term) that it does it on both platforms.
  18. Whilst changing the position of a viewport that contained elevation benchmarks as annotations the display of the font became corrupted. This was not a minor display hitch that was corrected when I panned or zoomed but corruption of the size display of the font itself. The display fault could be save with the file. I was able to correct the corrupted display by editing the font for Elevation benchmark PIO in the annotation wherein each edited instance returned to its newly specified size. The corruption did not affect the PIO object once it had been converted to a group. The problem does not affect 11.0.1 but does affect 11.5.0. In this instance I was able to get around the problem by putting the elevation benchmark on the design layer because I had already rendered bitmaps of the elevations and was noting those. However, that defeats the object of annotating a layer linked elevation with this PIO since it's the only place you can use it if you're designing your project in 3D.
  19. Can I make a plea for real 2D object transparency. Yes I know this is possible between layers if the upper layer is set to overlay but that is a hangover from Minicad days and operates more like colour multiplication than transparencey. What I'm after is something that is possessed by illustration programs like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Frehand et al - namely controllable 2D object transparency.
  20. I think this may be a bug that has appeared in VW11.5. I have also noticed it with an extrude along path object. I this instance it was the frame for a mirror in an interior i had created. The whole mirror was formed as a group and copied a number of times. When I reopen the file after some time the frame is rotated 90deg from vertical to horizontal. I rotate it back and recopy to correct position. When I reopen the frame is rotated again. I dismissed it as a local anomally until this post. NNA - Paul Pharr has a copy of the file in question. I sent it to him to help with speed issues in the PC version of 11.5
  21. I have been led to believe that NNA 'fixed' 11.5 renderworks 'Glass Accurate' texture but it still gives a less realistic material than the 'Glass Simple' texture. For some reason changes to the specular, diffuse, ambient settings have no effect on the final result. The mirror setting produces no reflections. The refraction setting is so sensitive that 10mm solid glass is more like 2 metres of water, the only difference to 11.0.1 is that the preview window fades the refraction effect. The final rendered result is still miles out. I can get a more accurate texture by using the 'Glass Simple' model although this is by no means accurate. Refraction is still way of the scale though. I'm glad that the 'normals' bug has been fixed but this is basic texturing in todays market. We need a consistently accurate glass texture without the need for experimentation on every new project.
  22. Thanks mike m oz. It seems its a bit better in 11.5 but then thats really slow on the redraw with complex models full of nurbs symbols. Guess I'll have to build in 11.0.1 and render in 11.5
  23. Can anyone tell me why glass appears to have 2 different sides when used in parametric window, window wall and wall objects. If I use glazing styles( as one has to) in this context all glass textures appear different when viewed from inside or outside. I can't tell which is which except by trial and error for each element and each trial requires a final quality rendering ( very very time consuming). This problem is forcing me to lay out each window component separately so that I can achieve a consistent appearance in the final rendering.
  24. Katie P4 3200 has XP Pro SP2 with ATI X800 card. Athlon 2000 Has XP Pro SP1 with Nvidia FX 5200 256Mb Laptop is XP Pro SP1 with Radeon Mobility built-in. I'm using quicktime 6.5.2 on all 3 machines. The copy I have on my install disk is 6.5 and Apple no longer have 6.5.1 on their site so I'm stuck with it. Turning off hardware acceleration and cache makes it run even slower. I had both on when I posted the note. In all cases Vectorworks is substantially slower with 11.5. I've lost patience with it and reverted to 11.0.1 on all my machines and also those of other users in my office. All the other office machines are P4 2800 with SP2 and ATI X300 Cards. As far as I can tell they also have Quicktime 6.5.2 installed. We can't revert to 6.5.1 for the reason above.
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