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  1. 2013 seems to be sluggish at times.... I try to change the visibility of a layer and it can take up to 30 seconds for it to happen. If I move forward and hit any other keys it crashes. I had no such problem with 2012.... This is just one of the "sluggish" moments that I have found since the change over. Does anybody else have this problem? Windows7 i7 64 bit 6 gigs ram
  2. I'm having trouble with the application being sluggish. I will change the visibility of a layer and it takes sometime a half a minute to make the change. Anybody else have this issue? PC 64 bit windows 7 6gigs ram i7
  3. Arrow heads have appeared in my soft goods....!!! As of today my Soft goods/ drape tool items have arrows heads pointing to something like maybe the slider middle points? . As I change the slider length the number of arrow heads increase and or decrease. The Originals in the drawing do no render this way but upon duplication of the correctly draw object the arrow heads appear. No class changes are being made. I've attempted to change all input values to see if I can affect anything.. but alas, NO. Help!!! VW12 5 core windows 7 4GB
  4. It has usually been a Quicktime error for me... make sure you load the quicktime that came with VW
  5. Hunter B

    VR object

    OK,... so I found that my file was opening in Media player and not quicktime... but here is a new problem... I open it in Quicktime and get a -108 unknown error occured....anybody have a clue as to why? or what?
  6. Hunter B

    VR object

    I tried to export a VR object that you can control. But after I exported the "VR OBJECT" I open the file to test it and it's a movie that runs at super speed. How do I get the object to behave like I know it does in VW12.5?
  7. I know!! I loved the stand alone version. Now when you enter a number in the z bow it raises the whole dang thing and floats it off the floor with a 2 inch skirt.
  8. NOPE.. the rendering of the light does not show the cuts from the shutters. Just a circle.
  9. Wish there was an "image from floor" box
  10. Sorry I meant the shutters not the image. I've tried and cannot get the shutters to register in the light source.
  11. OK... I set the shutters from the OIP but they don't seem to do anything for the light... what am I doing wrong???
  12. Does anybody else think that it's very silly that you can no longer capture multiple instruments and edit them as a group in the OIP. Instead of a quick operation to turn on and off or dim multiple instruments you have to edit them one at a time.... with a right click. NO OTHER OPERATION HAS THIS. THIS IS A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME. Who thought this was better???
  13. THANKS!! it used to be so much easier!
  14. I always find they guys in charge respond to what they want to. Instead of a reply to everything no matter how touchy
  15. I'm feeling silly.. I'm using VW2010 and cannot figure out how to dim lighting units. I upgraded from vw12.5 and that was easy. Just slide the fader... Also does anybody know why it's so complicated just to turn on and off a light. IT seems to me that the visuilzation pallete is just a unneccesary step that used to be in the object info pallette.
  16. If anybody else needs to know.... grab the screen and raise it to the height you need. The legs and skirt grow as you raise the screen.
  17. Anybody know what I'm missing here.... I cannot seem to get the video screen skirt to appear. Am I missing something? Is there a box to click or something that I missed?
  18. So, two weeks ago I was able to get an annimation to work, now as I try to create an annimation I'm told that "There are no annimation controller files in you plug in folder" I reinstalled VW12.5 and upgraded to 12.5.3 and I still get the error message. What might be causing this? and How can I fix it?
  19. How can I get my gobo from repeating... I scale out my rectangular gobo to 2" and then the corners do not project.. So I shrink my gobo to 1.5 inches so the corners appear and then the gobo repeats. HOW DO I STOP THE REPEAT??
  20. I cannot get a gobo to project onto the ceiling directly above a floor mounted instrument. I think I read a while back that projecting sraight up is a problem in VW 12.5.2... is this true? Does VW 2008 solve this issue??
  21. Hunter B


    Lay down a 3d Poly rectangle and give it a texture.
  22. How can I insert a gray scale gobo and get the gray scale to actually work??
  23. IS this the correct place to ask for help on draping a surface? So I try to drape a pipe frame of something like a flipchart and no matter what I do the drape surface tool just doesn't do anything correctlly. It works just fine if I want to cover a box. but open it up into a frame structure and I get a drape but it doesn't match the object. I even use the"folding chair" object and try to drape that and it doesn't work either. Is there something I can do to get it to work???
  24. To attach a texture to a "stlye" go to Classes and edit the "stlye" ie: Classes.....style 1....edit texture....apply texture of choice.... OK Good Luck!
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