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I'm new to using site modifiers and are having issues. When editing the site model existing contours, the model then shows lots of adjnoining lines which I believe are the links between the contours. The model then looks like it needs updating however even when I do this, the model retains all these lines! I haven't even made any changes to the model, I cannot revert the view of these lines at all. Anyone know what I am doing wrong?

Screenshot 2019-10-18 at 10.04.18.png

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This can sometimes happen when your site location is very far away from your origin point, as it looks like it is. Try locating this (in a copy file) closer to the internal origin and see if it improves.

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 Hello @mtrinca,

Welcome to the Forum!!


Trouble shooting is enhanced if a signature is present showing your system info and vwx version.  Create signature in your forum account settings.  Signature is optional, but helpful.  In this case, your screenshot  shows MacOS and Vectorworks v2019Landmark. Very helpful.


Couple things about your questions:


Assuming your drawing unit is mm, the image shows the view is thousands of KM distant from the drawing origin (internal origin 0,0).  Vectorworks objects can get a bit queasy that far from origin.  Your model may be fine, but not viewing or rendering well because of the distance.  Some things to try:  Select the site model, create a new blank drawing and paste your model into the new file right at the drawing origin.  If that new view looks as it should, a several things can help:

• Move everything in all the design layers of the original drawing to some logical point near the drawing 0,0 origin.

• Move the User origin of the drawing to some logical point on your model. Here's a link to method:


• Learn about design layer viewports and referencing files into Vectorworks. Looks like you have imported geometry of a Survey file from other sources (dwg?) centered a long way from your drawing origin, then built your model to register with that geometry.  Another strategy is to reference that geometry into your project file via a "shuttle file": Import the dwg into a new file (the shuttle).  In your project file, create a design layer viewport on a new layer which references the shuttle file.  Place this DLVP at a logical point near the origin of the layer.  At this point, you can delete the geometry in the old Survey layer, and move your model and items on the other layers to coincide with the DVLP.  Not hard to do, just lots of words to describe.


Another possibility for the extra lines is that you have inadvertantly duplicated the site model so that two or more of them are stacked in the same location.  To test this, I suggest save your project file, Duplicate the file (name it Test). Open the Test file, click to select the site model (Verify in Object Palette that the selection is a single Site Model). Delete or move the selection. If no other site model is present, close and delete the Test File.  If another site model is present, determine which one you want to keep  by sending them one at a time to new blank layers until no more site models are in the model layer. Send the one you want to keep back to the original Site layer and delete all the new layers with the duplicates.


OK, post back if no joy.  If not proprietary, paste the site model into a new, blank file and post it here, or post a link to it if it's too big.  Forum with take a look.




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thank you for your help and sharing your (very in-depth) knowledge! I'm going to tackle this again this week, I'll let you know how I get on.



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Hi, so I amended the user origin and that seems to have fixed the problem! Thank you very much for your help!

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