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Focus and Zoom on each selected

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I am adding data to multiple objects selected at various locations on my drawing. I would like to zoom in on each object when the user is asked for options.


procedure Zoom (hZ : handle);
var ZoomX, ZoomY : real;
SetName (hZ, 'Target');
ZoomX := XCenterN (N = 'Target');
ZoomY := YCenterN (N = 'Target');
DoMenuTextByName ('Fit To Objects', 0);
SetZoom (280);


This doesn't work because it Fit's to all objects before Zooming in on the center of the selection. Other ideas are within the brackets.


Maybe ForEachObjectInList, but I don't know how to generate a list. I would then SetSelect (hZ) to zoom in on it.


Can anyone expand on the above please?

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Since Fit To Objects works on selection, not on handles, you need a way to select only a single object.


Use a loop to step through each selected object and store the handle in an Array of Handles.

Deselect everything.

Step through the array and select the first object and do Fit To Objects. Repeat for each object in the array.

If you need to still have everything selected at the end, do an additional loop through the array to select all the objects.


Ask again if you need a better description.

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