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Wall insertion point control?

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Greetings. I may or may not be having a Stories epiphany.  Anyway I want my wall styles to insert (be drawn) on the outside of the framing of which the panel sheathing is the outside.  IE: 2x6 wall with OSB sheathing where the drawing point is the outside of the OSB.  How do I do this without a work-around?  Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for the reply.  Stories irrelevant to the question. I didn't phrase my question well.  My walls using a style with siding were being drawn from the siding so I set the control to the thickness of the siding and used the Wall Control Line Mode, the next one after the 4 you indicated.  


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Guest Wes Gardner

@Inspectorjack, yes, as Jonathan suggests, you can use the core as the control...BTW, it's fairly important to define a core in your wall styles or the slabs won't know what to do (if, of course, you're using the automation built into the program).  If for some odd reason you find you need even more control over the offset, you can set a custom offset in your wall style that will then be used by the Custom offset function up there in the control line selections.



Layer Bound Simple.png

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