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Create objects from shapes in Marionette

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In Vectorworks I use the "Create objects from shapes" function a lot. I would like to know if there is a Marionette equivalent of this function or if it is easy to script one.


My goal is to create a Marionette network that creates curved balconies from a polyline. The balcony has a slab element, wall element as balustrades and a railing/fence element. All these elements follow the same polyline curve.

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There are a couple of options for this.

1) If you want to run a script on selected shapes (or shapes by a different criteria), you can create a Marionette Menu Command using the Objects by Criteria node with criteria of Selected (this can be populated in 2019 by using the Criteria configuration... button in the OIP). This object will not be tied to Marionette directly after the menu command is run and will limit your customization abilities.

2) If you want to be able to reshape the starting shape in the future, you can use a Control Geometry node and place your starting shape in the Control Geometry group of a Marionette object. This will remain as a Marionette Object (which is similar to a plug in object) and will refresh when edited.


I'd be more than happy to go over either method (or both) with you if you need some direction.

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Thank you for your reply. The second option is what I would like to achieve because we would like to be able to quickly test different shapes and sizes of the curved balconies in a detailed 3D view.


I attached two files to clarify what I mean. In the PDF (and also in the .vwx file) you see two polygons and one balcony that has the shape of the first polygon. The 3D balcony was created with the AEC > Create Objects from Shapes... function. I used this function to model the slab, walls and railing/fence object. I hope Marionette can automate the process from polygon to detailed 3D balcony.


With the Create Slab node I can create a slab in the shape of the polygon. But if I want my Marionette network to draw a wall object with the Wall node or Round Wall node I can't use a polygon (or an arc or a line) as a parameter. Basically it comes down to this: from polygon to wall. If you could help me with that then I'm almost there (at least I hope so 😉).

Curved balconies.vwx

Curved balconies.pdf

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