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Spotlight Truss and Motors Legend Tool



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Hi Allan

These features are in Spotlight 2019.


You can find the hoist legend function in Spotlight-reports-crate hoist symbol key will put a hoist legend on your plan

Hoist reports are created in the same place and can placed on your plan the same as any other report or worksheet.


Go to Spotlight-Rigging-Replace truss and use the export function and it will create a truss report with what is needed for each truss system. In the same interface you can access the truss inventory where you can export your truss inventory totals (use vs in stock) as a .csv file


You can also use the worksheets to prepare truss lists, there was a recent forum thread related to this, I've linked it below for you to look at.


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@jcogdell  Thanks for the reminder on those features.


I guess I was just spoiled by the lighting Instrument Summary Tool that allows for easy formatting and addition/subtraction of displayed attributes.


Spotlight > Rigging > Create Hoist Symbol Key is close but does not include counts. Spotlight > Rigging > Create Hoist Worksheet isn't as pretty nor as easy to fit inside of a Title Block Border.


I've started looking into the worksheets on your recommendation and that of other users in the forum. They're very exciting, and a great workaround.


I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for a plugin that can provide consistent formatting between Lighting Instruments, Hoists, and Truss.

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