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Gaspar Potocnik

Color Temperature in molefays is not accurate

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I've tried importing different molefays and all of them render a much higher CT than what they are supposed to. Comparing them toa generic P64 really makes you see the difference. I've tried lowering the candela with no difference in color and changing the color temperature which makes vision crash (already generated a report). None of them have the possibility to add a color so that workaround is no good.


Getting nostalgic with the way Vision 2.3 rendered molefays 😞

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I did not know about Color Temperature crashing! We'll investigate that and hopefully have it fixed soon. In theory, it should never be needed but it is there for precisely this reason! Very sorry, again, and we'll look into getting the crash resolved.


On a different note, I looked at a "James Thomas 8-light Molefay" and it's color temperature is set to 3000K. On the other hand, a "Generic Par 64" has a color temperature of 3200K. I'll have to pull @Mark Eli in on this one as he would be the one to correct the default color temperature for these fixtures.



Edit: Do these values line up with what you are seeing in the Properties Palette for the fixtures you are using? I know that changing the value in the Properties Palette crashes Vision, but I'd just like to know what you are seeing in the Properties Window for the color temperature of your molefay and your par64.

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Posing a question, seeking clarity on original temp values from OP

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I kept on investigating fixtures, turns out the Showtec Stage blinders are set to 6000 in color temperature (I'm guessing it is still in Kº) and they look much more like and actual molefay, so that is a good workaround... Same setting for a Jarag which looks even more warm than the showtec

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Very interesting!! Thank you so much for the info!

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