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Elements won't render on Linked Layer

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I have elements that render correctly(final render quality) when I look at them on their respective layers individually. They also look great in the mapping dialogue box. They render correctly on the Linked layer UNTIL I add a new element, and then something that rendered before now comes out without the mapping, as just a solid color.

The elements are roofs, & walls turned to solid subtractions. The mappings are from the system, shingles, wood etc.

It seems like a memory problem to me so I upped the Virtual memory to the max of 4095, set prefs in the Windows XP for program performance, opened only Vectoworks by itself, etc. But nothing seems to work.

I am running a Gateway laptop M675 with Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 2, Pentium 4, 3.00GHZ, 1.00GB of Ram. My graphics card is Mobility Radeon 9600 that says is is working fine. I put Vectorworks in the Firewall exception list and then I turned the firewall off as well.

The app is Ver. 11.01, 453 objects in drawing, three layers--1st Fl, 2nd Fl, & roof are linked into the Linked layer. One sun, one fill light (sun light on about 28%, and some interior lights to make windows interesting. Glass mapping is glass simple. File size is 18,937K.

I've tried everything I can think of. Any suggestions as to what can I do?

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