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MRD Mark Ridgewell

VW 2019 mTextur import texture

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I really like the way a link to the mtextur website is integrated into Vectorworks - so you get all the benefits of mtextur's well laid out product browser (try it if you haven't already)!


However, I haven't managed to download any textures using it yet. I select the texture I want and then select 'CAD & BIM texture download' icon. Then it freezes and VW crashes.

Is this just me or anyone else had success with it (or same issue?) . Is it my system set-up - any ideas?!



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I tried it out the other day and it worked really well. No crashes at all........

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Chrome. But it opens its own browser within Vectorworks . When you eventually get this sorted out you’ll find it’s rather well done!

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still having this issue - any ideas, anyone?!

Possibly one the most useful vectorworks functions of late and I can't get it to work! Really frustrating.



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I've only looked at the Forbo textures which seem pretty good (one of the ranges I wanted was missing though).


The biggest challenge I find using textures in VW (apart from finding a good image for the product you want in the first place) is setting the scale right. Some Manufacturers (see image) show an 'image size' on their website, which really helps.




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