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Jeremy Best

Landscape Area objects recalculate too readily, and take ages. Reduce recalculation threshold and make Landscape Area object recalculations a MULTI-CORE operation


When Landscape Area objects over a [large, high detail] site model are modified, they can easily take 15 minutes to recalculate, and often longer. When even something as simple as moving the Label causes the Landscape Area to recalculate this creates massive delays to workflow. Also, during testing (using a Xeon processor) the Task Manager indicated all the processing was all done by a single-core, when NINE other cores were available, exacerbating the wait times. 



Please limit the Landscape Area objects to recalculate only when factors are altered that change the output values relevant to surface area etc. 

Please make the recalculating processes multi-core capable. 

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UPDATE: The cause of Landscape Area objects being really slow to update was found by engineers and the issue fixed. It is now 10x faster. The fix is implemented in Vectorworks 2019. 



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( @twaikin ) I should probably clarify, that as I understand it, they haven't reduced how readily Landscape Area objects update. (That's still an active request, although if they all update fast enough it's probably a moot request). What they did is fix an issue that made the update process of these objects [with particular qualities/size] so slow. 

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