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Remove items from resource browser that no longer exist

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I have this issue where there are old title blocks in my resource browser that are no longer in the sheet borders-title blocks file folder in the system folder. It is now confusing when making changes to the current title block. My naming system is mostly to blame, but if the old ones didn't show up and just the  new one it would be  bit easier. Is there a way to clear the old ones from the browser? Why are they still there if I deleted them from the system folder? I was looking at the purge tool but I am worried that I will cause problems with the file.

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I suppose that by "system folder" you mean where the VW has been installed (what I would call the program folder).


In that case, in the resource browser, you have to use "Refresh Libraries", so that VW's caches are again synchronized. (VW does not assume that someone has changed the libraries in the program folder.)

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in any event in that image there are 4 vertical title blocks shown even though 2 of the 4 no longer exist as a file as far as I can tell. I can't find them in the "programs folder" at any rate. I can't tell if they are embedded in a file and they are being referenced from there or not.


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"at that time" now I feel old and stupid haha. Actually, it is showing a fifth symbol called "none" and that doesn't exist either. The browser keeps showing these title block as being in the "simple title blocks file that is the default file for title blocks but those symbols aren't in the file.

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I did just find a design layer that I didn't know was there with a title block on it. that accounts for one of the title blocks. My coworker must have created that one without me knowing. That still doesn't account for the "None Symbol" or "Symbol-1" I can account for 3 of them now. but that leaves 2 mystery ones. Thanks for your help!

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