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Custom Truss /Hanging Positions


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Built-in Braceworks Truss objects, Lighting Pipes and and VWX Truss tool objects when converted to Hanging positions work well with the Insert connection tool. However, I want to make a custom symbol work in the same way (I've made a ladder section bar). I have converted it to a functioning truss object and also attached a Truss record, but when converted to a hanging position it does not work with the Insert Connection tool.


Can anybody tell me if I am doing anything wrong!



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Thanks Rob. I don't really understand what you mean. The bottom ibeam has been turned into a hanging position intentionally which was the reason for the query. I cannot get the Truss connection tool to work with it. What am I doing wrong?





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So the truss connection tool will not work on a truss object once its been turned into a hanging position. Unless you edit the hanging position to add connections etc.


I'm trying to understand how vwx sees hanging positions these days. Are they a collective name for truss and motors and connections etc combined. Or can Truss, motors and hanging positions all work with each other as separate entities?



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