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Open GL distortion


I've been having this problem from time to time for the past few months. 

When rendering in Open GL i get distorted surfaces like the screen shot below.

Sometimes i can close VWs or go to a  Top plan 2d view an then return and it goes away, other times it doesn't. 

If i create a viewport on a sheet layer with the distortions, close VWs, open it and view the model in a design layer, the distortions disappear but if i go to the viewport created before i closed VWs, they are still there, just not in the design layer.


It's sporadic.  Anyone have an idea what might be causing this?

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 16.22.28.png

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Usually for distortion like that, the issue is that there is geometry (not necessarily the same geometry being displayed right now) far from the origin in that file.

If not that, it can sometimes be a graphic driver issue, but in those cases the weirdness normally isn't intermittent.

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Thanks Jim.  Is there a way to correct that?  Is it just a matter of moving the model?


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Correct, you can also quickly test it by copying the model to 0,0,0 in a new blank file, not using Paste in Place but just Paste.

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